Original Product List

Product name Ultra-high freshness frozen sashimi fillet
Concept 【Ultra-high freshness frozen sashimi fillet】
Our original super high fresh frozen [sashimi fillets] products are fillets for frozen raw meals that kept super freshness based on the concept of freezing live fish and reviving live fish.

Maintaining freshness that is time consuming while maintaining the freshness of natural fish now becoming valuable Freshness Maintaining freshness other than maintaining the quality of Japan in addition to maintaining the quality of the fish It is possible to reduce labor by manual labor shortage etc. and to use only the necessary amount It can be used for various purposes such as.

Use applications For raw eating such as sashimi and carpaccho
Available area Domestic and overseas (world correspondence)
Fish species Tuna · Toro · Kanpachi · Shihizu · Flounder · Fugu · Ise Shrimp · Abalone · Other (natural fish · aquaculture fish)