Company Profile

Slogan this term
~ Growth power to survive the future ~

Our slogan
【Mie to the world】
~ Mie enchants the world ~

【Growth strength】
~ We grow up as people (human strength), we hone our skills (technical strength), nurture a richer life (capital strength) ~

Company Name Okuyama Yasuzou Shouten Co., Ltd. (formerly Cyber ​​Dining Co., Ltd.)
Founding Since 1967 (founded March 6, 2008)
Location Mie Prefecture Kuwana city Chuo-cho 1 – 8
Head Office Mie Prefecture Kuwana city Daifuku 384 – 1
Capital 11 million yen
Contact Information TEL:0594-82-5500 FAX:0594-82-5501
A Director CEO Kenji Fukuda
COO Yasuki Okuyama
Business Food service business (restaurant management and consultant) · wholesale business (processing of live fish · fresh fish · wholesale sale) · Jewelry sale (mainly processing and sales of pearls · experience of taking out pearls) · mail order · proposal for travel proposals · others
Suppliers Mie Gaiwangyokyo, Daito Gyorui, Daitou Gyorui, Sakata Syuhan, Toba Isobe Gyokyou, Kuze, Sansui Foods etc.